Betsy Peterson

Accounts Adminstrator

Betsy Peterson, a native of Palm Beach, Florida, joined our firm in February 2008 and since then has been an invaluable member of the Bodden & Bodden team. As the Accounts Administrator for the firm, Betsy provides enormous support that is needed by the legal professionals both in the provision of legal accounting, but also in the unraveling of often complex conveyancing and financing transactions.

Betsy is an accomplished professional who brings with her fourteen years of broad experience and expertise in all phases of financial accounting and office management. She began as an entry level accountant but has continuously demonstrated the knowledge and understanding of accounting principles propelling her to a controllership role prior to moving to Grand Cayman.

Betsy moved to the Cayman Islands with her family in 2007 and is delighted to have the opportunity to work in an international business atmosphere; which is both challenging and rewarding.

Betsy believes we are all life-long students, and to be successful, we must continue to challenge and nurture our minds. She continues to be an avid student, currently working towards her CPA certification while working fulltime.