Corporate, commercial & trusts

Company formation

Whilst the formation and annual maintenance of the various types of Company which exists in the Cayman Islands is done by Bodden Corporate Services Limited, Bodden & Bodden, Attorneys-at-law, can advise and assist in the drafting of specific and complex constitutional and supplementary documentation such as those which may be required where there are Special Purpose Vehicles, various classes of shares and share rights and responsibilities (e.g. drag and tag along provisions or pre-emption rights). We are also equipped to advise in relation to any special structuring which may be required to accord with specific regulations, in particular those provided for by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority.

Company reinstatements

For companies which have been struck from the Cayman Islands Register of Companies for non-payment of fees or for failure to operate, preparation of the application and accompanying affidavit in support of the company’s reinstatement.

Company liquidation

Preparation of Minutes for Extraordinary General Meeting of shareholders and Special Resolution placing the Company into voluntary liquidation and appointing a liquidator(s) for the purposes thereof, liaising with liquidators to submit Notice of meeting for publication in the Government Gazette. Once the affairs of the Company have been wound up, liaising with liquidators to publish notice of the final Extraordinary General Meeting of shareholders in the Government Gazette at least one month prior to the date of said meeting, liaising with liquidator to submit notice to the Registrar of Companies.

Company strike from the Register of Companies

Preparation of minutes or resolutions authorising company strike, filing with the Registrar of Companies and submitting the required fee.

Trust deeds

Advising with respect to the benefits of establishing a Cayman Islands Trust, recommending Trust structures and advising generally.